About the Peer Kidney Care Initiative.

Our Mission

Peer Kidney Care Initiative - Mission

To improve the quality of dialysis patient care in the United States. The academic researchers of Peer and the Chief Medical Officers of participating dialysis provider organizations together will analyze and interpret real-world data to identify contemporary patterns of treatment, historical trends in clinical outcomes, and regional and national opportunities for quality improvement. Peer aims to elucidate the complex interaction of all health care provider organizations that work with patients, including dialysis facilities, hospitals, pharmacies, and physician practices. Peer also aims to offer an alternative voice in the formation of policy that affects patients and their health care providers.

As parts of its outreach, Peer is committed to disseminating its work here on our website, in presentations during conferences and meetings, and with studies published in academic journals.


Peer Kidney Care Initiative - Collaborators

2016 financial support for Peer is provided by 12 participating dialysis provider organizations:

  • American Renal Associates
  • Atlantic Dialysis Management Services
  • Centers for Dialysis Care
  • DaVita HealthCare Partners
  • Dialysis Clinic, Inc. (DCI)
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Independent Dialysis Foundation
  • Northwest Kidney Centers
  • Satellite Healthcare
  • The Rogosin Institute
  • U.S. Renal Care.
  • Wake Forest-Emory Universities


In collaboration with the Chief Medical Officers of these organizations, the Peer Kidney Care Initiative is operated by the Chronic Disease Research Group, a division of the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Allan J. Collins, MD, FACP, is the Executive Director of Peer. Peer investigative and clinical support was provided by James B. Wetmore, MD, and Charles A. Herzog, MD. Analytic support was provided by David T. Gilbertson, PhD; Suying Li, PhD; Jiannong Liu, PhD; Yi Peng, MS; Julia T. Molony, MS; Haifeng Guo, MS; Tanya Natwick, BS; Tom Matlon, BS; and Xinyue Wang, BS. Peer program administrative support was provided by Kimberly Nieman, MS, and Beth Forrest, BBA. Graphic design work and text editing were provided by Julia T. Molony, MS; Kimberly Nieman, MS; Nan Booth, MSW, MPH, ELS; and Anne Shaw, BS. Information system and Peer website support were provided by C. Daniel Sheets and Hilford Ponnie.

Conflicts of Interest

Dr. Allan Collins

 Allan Collins serves as a co-investigator on Phase I and II studies for DaVita Clinical Research.

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