Rates of Incident ESRD Cases.

Throughout the Peer Report, incident ESRD cases comprised patients with a first outpatient dialysis session within three months of chronic dialysis initiation.


After increasing between 1996 and 2006, rates of incident ESRD patients initiating dialysis in freestanding units have stabilized. Rates in 2011 remained highest in the East South Central and West South Central divisions, and were lowest in the New England and West North Central divisions.

The heat map shows the percent change in rates of incident ESRD cases between 1996 and 2011, stratified by U.S. Census Division and age. The largest positive changes have occurred among the very elderly in the Middle Atlantic, East North Central, and West North Central areas. Across the country, relatively large positive changes have occurred among patients age 30–49.

Incident Rates, Overall & by U.S. Census Division
Percent Change in Unadjusted Incident Rates, 1996 to 2011
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