Cause of Death in Prevalent Dialysis Patients.

Cause of Death in Prevalent Dialysis Patients


During 2011, sudden cardiac death (SCD) accounted for almost 28 percent of all deaths in the prevalent dialysis population, while cardiovascular death (SCD and other cardiovascular death combined) accounted for more than 41 percent, and withdrawal for more than 14 percent. Across age strata, however, distributions of causes of death varied, from a high share of SCD of almost 32 percent in patients age 18–44 to a low share of SCD of less than 23 percent in those age 80 or older. Varying more markedly were shares of death subsequent to withdrawal, which accounted for fewer than 6 percent of deaths among the youngest patients, but more than 22 percent among the oldest.

Cause of death in prevalent dialysis patients, according to the Death Notification Form
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